Sardines - Wild, Portugal, Whole (14lb Box)

  • Sardines - Wild, Portugal, Whole (14lb Box)

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Sardina pilchardus





Taste & Texture

  • Salty
  • Firm

Cooking Methods

  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Grill
  • Pan Fry

Nutritional Facts

Region & Fishery

Fun Fact

Sardines are filter feeders, sieving plankton from the water as it passes between their gills.

Product Preparation

Marinate in coarse salt and olive oil for an hour, then grill, broil, fry or bake whole with robustly flavored herbs such as oregano and rosemary. Or go Sicilian and prepared their fillets with fresh fennel, pine nuts and raisins and serve over pasta.

Product Nutrition

Sardines are one of the most concentrated sources of the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin B12 and Selenium as well as Calcium, Niacin, Copper, Vitamin B2, Choline, Phosphorus and Vitamin D.

Nutrition Facts

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