You probably saw the headlines. This is the latest in negative press about bad fishing practices across the globe. These ARE the brands you see on every supermarket shelf. You probably have a can of one or more of them in your pantry right now.

Stop it! U.S. operates the most highly regulated fisheries on the globe. That means seafood wild caught or raised (aquaculture is regulated as well) in the U.S. is safe, sustainable and the real deal. Or, at least they start out that way. Retailers, restaurants and supermarket brands may try to pull the wool over your eyes and the cash from your pocketbook, but there IS a safe, sustainable choice, that features most of its selections from the cold clear waters from domestic fisheries around our coast. offers an amazing array of fresh fish. Most of our selections are just off the boat, never frozen. These selections come from the clear, cold waters around and across the United States, the most highly regulated fisheries in the world. Did you know that the U.S. has more landmass UNDER the water than above? Its true! And that water is teeming with some of the most vibrant species and sought after seafood in the world.

The majority of our seafood is bought whole, so we can pick the freshest selections while assuring both the fishes origins and species. That is why when you buy American Red Snapper from, you know you are getting American Red Snapper, even if you buy it filleted. Did you know you have only a 1:20 chance of getting American Red Snapper from other sources? That too is shamefully true.

So stop buying canned tuna. Get the real deal. Buy our number 1 grade tuna for all your very best needs. Or for every day buy the number 2+ grade. Have it cut and packaged into several pieces so that you can have some when it arrives and freeze the rest. It will be the first time it has ever been frozen. Selected by the author of the tuna quality manual used across the globe, Bobby Tuna, you won’t be disappointed.

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