Shad for Sale: Whole, Fillet & Roe

If you prefer a subtly sweet, slightly nutty taste from your fish, it’s time you take a bite of shad. At, we have boned fillets, roe, and whole shad for sale. We should warn you that shad is not for the faint at heart. The fish is known for its bony body, which is why we have fillets available (for those who are not interested in digging through their meal). However, the exquisite flavors and rich omega-3 fatty acid content make the extra work worth it.

Types of Fresh Shad for Sale

Other than the presence of bones, what differentiates the three types of shad fish? Each fish has been caught in the wild, straight from its habitat, in the USA. However, there are a few distinguishing features. While the fillets and whole fish are essentially the same in taste and texture, our shad fish roe is quite unique. An intense orange hue and a rich taste, this seafood is wrapped in two membranes when delivered to your door.

What to Expect with Shad from Fulton Fish Market

As with all our fresh fish, our shad for sale is caught just moments before being packed for delivery to your door. Such a fast shipment promises the ultimate freshness and quality, in addition to convenience like you have never before experienced. Packaging our shad with frozen gel packs keeps the seafood chilled and ready to cook immediately. If you have any questions about our delivery process, please don’t hesitate to ask!