Shark Meat for Sale

If you have yet to try fresh shark meat, you might have heard the go-to comparison, “it tastes like chicken.” While we would agree that this type of fish has a meaty, mild flavor similar to bird, we believe our shark meat for sale is more than that and certainly worth trying if you haven’t already. If you opt for the dogfish, you should expect a delicate sweetness, while the thresher will be more subtle in taste. Both are rather firm in texture.

Nutritional Value from Fresh Shark Meat

Shark meat doesn’t have the best reputation in relation to health benefits. Because sharks are at the top of the underwater food chain and have a diet that includes fish containing mercury, they, themselves, have higher than recommended levels of mercury. However, at, we make sure our shark is as safe as possible to eat. If prepared correctly, the seafood can be a great source of vitamin B-12, isoleucine, selenium, and, of course, protein. B-12 assists with the creation of red blood cells, isoleucine helps with protein synthesis, and selenium is a crucial nutrient for the immune system.

Why Buy Shark Meat from Fulton Fish Market?

Our shark meat for sale is not only carefully evaluated and cleaned before being sent to you, but it will arrive within two days of catch. We do most of the work for you so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal after preparing your fish.