Buy Smelt Online

If you prefer sweet, mild flavors; an oily undertone; and flaky, delicate texture in your fish; we recommend you give our smelt a try. When you buy smelt from, you will feel as if you caught the fish yourself (you did walk outside your door to get it – that counts for something, right?) because it is just that fresh. Even our frozen option tastes fresh, as it was frozen immediately after catch from the wild.

A Short Background on the Tiny Fish

Similar to salmon, smelt boast a silver-green skin. However, their bodies are typically only 20 centimeters in length and are often used as bait. An anadromous schooling fish, smelt migrate in groups from freshwater to saltwater. Once the fish is no longer at sea and, instead, packaged at your door, it can be baked, deep fried, or sautéed.

Where to Buy Smelt for the Best Quality

If you are looking to buy smelt to eat in your pasta dishes, it is likely you are aren't settling for the grocery store canned or bagged variety. Instead, get high quality smelt delivered straight to your door with Bias aside, we promise it's the most convenient, and delectable, option available.