Fresh Sole

As seafood, sole is sweet and delicate in taste. But you might not expect that if you saw the darkly colored flesh and elliptical shape of the flatfish lying on the dish across from you. Similar to flounder in coloring and taste, our two fresh sole options differ in texture. While the dover sole, farmed in Spain, is light and flaky, the grey sole from the USA is more tender and firm. Both are superb and lauded throughout the culinary community for their exquisite taste.

A Versatile Fish

There are many ways to prepare fresh sole, making it a popular fish with new cooks and foodies alike. Simply saute it with fresh herbs, lemon, and butter for a quick yet delicious meal. Another option is to bake it with lime juice, olive oil, butter, shallots, olives and capers for an easy Mediterranean entree. If you'd like a pescatarian twist on a favorite Italian dish, sole piccata requires a little more work but is worth the effort.

Benefits of Serving Sole

Any way you serve it, fresh sole is a healthy choice because it's high in protein and low in fat. It's also a good source of niacin, B vitamins, calcium, selenium, and phosphorous. These vitamins and minerals are beneficial to your cardiovascular system, nervous system, bone-building, and overall health.