Fresh Tilapia

Not loving the frozen tilapia you've been getting from the grocery store lately? Wondering where to buy tilapia that tastes as if it just jumped out of the ocean, onto your skillet? delivers fresh tilapia straight to your door, just moments after catch, preserving the just-out-of-the-water flavors and quality you've been dreaming of. The mild, tender fish will become an easy staple in your home, complemented by a Parmesan crust, lemon wine sauce, and pasta or blackened with your favorite home-grown veggies.

Why Buy Tilapia Fish

Consuming tilapia meat isn't only beneficial for your taste buds, but it provides health advantages as well. A lean fish, tilapia is exceptionally low in calories but offers a high protein count, ideal for any seafood-inclusive diet. In addition to being a macro-friendly food, tilapia is a great source of vitamin D, potassium, niacin, and calcium. While vitamin D supports the skeletal and cardiovascular systems, potassium lowers blood sugar and pressure, niacin helps stimulate brain function and lower cholesterol, and calcium, of course, builds strong bones.

How to Eat Fresh Tilapia

Tilapia's light, flaky texture makes cooking the fish relatively simple, whether you decide to bake, poach, pan roast, steam, or cook en papillote. Don't let the fancy terminology fool you; our step-by-step videos make experimenting with these methods as easy as your go-to pasta dish. And if you want to try something more adventurous for your upcoming get-together, you can't go wrong with our Peruvian ceviche recipe, made with fresh tilapia and mahi mahi.