Oysters - Live, Atlantic, Pine Island Half Shell, Farmed, USA

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Pine Island Oysters are cultivated in the plankton-rich waters of Oyster Bay in Long Island. They are rather large, at more than 4 inches, and are full of plump meats that are moderately salty with a rich, sweet finish. Similar to Bluepoints.

Atlantic Oysters Sustainability Information


Crassostrea virginica





Taste & Texture

  • Mild, Moderate
  • Very Firm

Cooking Methods

Nutritional Facts

Protein (g)10
Omega 3 (mg)700
Total Fat (g)4

Region & Fishery

Where From

Oyster Bay, New York

Fun Fact

By the 1800’s, the largest source of oyster beds in the world were located in New York Harbor.

Product Preparation

Serve these Pine Island Oysters raw on the half shell with lots of lemon and cocktail sauce. They are also a good size for grilling, or you may coat the meats in cornmeal and deep-fry them for appetizers and sandwiches, with plenty of tartar sauce.

Product Nutrition

Eating lots of Oysters provides you with a hefty dose of Selenium, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium and B Vitamins, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids…all while being low in fat and high in protein.

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Nutrition Facts

AmountPercent Daily Value
Cholesterol (mg)80 27%
Sodium (mg)300 13%
Potassium (mg)220 6%
Total Carbohydrate (g)6 2%
Percent Daily Value
Vitamin C6%

Info Source U.S. Food and Drug Administration