Buy Crayfish Online

Whether you are a fan of southern cuisine, hosting your own seafood boil, or simply looking to spice up your dinner routine, is your best option for buying crayfish. Popular in Louisiana, where they are also known as “crawfish,” this crustacean is known in the United States for its succulent texture and its compatibility with heavy, spicy seasoning. At Fulton Fish Market, we only offer completely fresh crayfish, caught just a day before being delivered to your door.

What to Expect with Your Crayfish Order

Not only can we guarantee freshness and a transformative taste, but, when you buy crayfish, you are investing in its health benefits as well. Your body will thank you for the B vitamins, calcium, and iron intake. Your diet will revel in the low carb, low calorie choice. Our fresh crayfish is rich in vitamins B-12, responsible for healthy blood cells and improved energy levels, and B-6, which promotes heart, eye, and brain functions. Like all seafood, crayfish is also an excellent source of protein.

Where to Buy Crayfish

Don’t bother scouting out the perfect crayfish at your local grocer or pushing through the crowds of the nearest seafood market. has what you need with the convenience of online delivery. Order today to receive within two days. Our ice packs are guaranteed to keep your crayfish chilled, fresh, and flavorful.