Lobster Meat & Live Lobster for Sale

The king of the crustacean family, the lofty lobster is one of those rare delicacies that is widely available to everyone. And now, purchasing this beloved shellfish has never been easier. Choose from our assortment of lobster meat and live lobster for sale for straight-to-your-door delivery, just a day or two after catch. Not sure how to incorporate the crustacean into your meals for the week? We've got you covered with mouth-watering recipes every seafood lover will eat right up. Or, follow our cooking instructions, brush on a dab of melted butter, and enjoy.

Fresh Lobster Online: Living the Dream

When you're in the mood for fresh lobster, you don't always think of an online purchase. But you should. Instead of going out of your way to push through the crowds at the local fish market or spending a fortune for subpar catch at the nearest seafood restaurant, get better flavor by ordering from your home. At Fulton Fish Market, we carefully curate an assortment of the freshest lobster available in the market. Our experts evaluate every wild caught crustacean to ensure quality in taste and texture. Whether you are in the mood for lobster meat, tails, or langoustine, we can accommodate your cravings with fast, fresh delivery.

The Flavors That Will Satisfy Your Appetite

What can you expect from our lobster for sale? Lobsters are known for their white, sweet, succulent meat from their tails, which is firmer than that of their claws. The claws offer a softer, almost silky texture and slightly brinier flavor. From our lobsters, you can guarantee this full bodied flavor and freshness that will make you feel as if you caught it yourself just moments before. Any way you serve it, lobster will be the main event on your dinner table.