Buy Fresh Pacific Oysters Online

If you have never tasted the sweet, melon undertones of fresh Pacific oysters, you are missing out on one of the ocean's most precious treasures. A West Coast delicacy, these oysters boast a deep cut shape and plumper texture than their Atlantic oyster kin. Enjoy farmed and wild and shucked and unshucked Pacific oysters from Canada, the USA, and New Zealand.

Types of Pacific Oysters for Sale

Our collection of fresh Pacific oysters online include popular varieties like the Kumamoto, Kusshi, Fanny Bay, and more. Originally from Japan, the Kumamoto offer mild hints of watermelon and cucumber. The Kusshi is praised for its creamy yet uber clean taste. Farmed in Canada, our Fanny Bay oysters are firm and smooth, a heartier oyster than most.

Why Buy Pacific Oysters Online?

At, we not only ensure each and every one of our product offerings is fresh and delivered to your door up to two days of catch, but we only choose to work with sustainable fishermen and evaluate for quality as well. Our fresh Pacific oysters are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals like selenium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B and are surrounded with gel packs to preserve freshness during transit. Enjoy broiled, grilled, or roasted.